We offer a perspective that will make your production process more effective. That’s not just because of our expertise, but through our cooperation. We’re most successful when we can deftly combine your technologies, a detailed knowledge of your production process, and our experience and knowledge of engineering components, their capabilities, potential, and limitations.



  • We will examine your operations  and determine your needs and problems.
  • We propose the frequency of maintenance, lubrication, inspections, and installations.
  • We seek out the areas that aren’t working optimally; there is always somewhere where production can be made more (cost-)effective.

Consultation and Proposal of a Solution

On the basis of the data we receive, we propose an optimal solution...

  • Proposal or adjustments to optimize components or their parameters.
  • Custom production of atypical/blueprinted components where we prepare the blueprints and the specific characteristics with subsequent production and quality control.
  • Inspection and proposal of the most appropriate method of installation.
  • Changes to lubrication (amount, batching, frequency, parameters) to avoid using excessive amounts or lubricants that and unnecessarily costly as needed.
  • Proposal and adjusting of technological approaches with a view to the characteristics of individual components.
  • Proposing the right materials to optimize production.
  • • Installation of refurbished and new production components.

Preventive Maintenance

When you don’t want to wait for production to come to a halt.

We measure the functionality and condition of your components to discover whether they are working as they should and when they will need to be exchanged. Sometimes parts are replaced out of habit, simply too often,or when it’s too late. Preventive maintenance is always worth it!

Monitoring and Measuring Lubricant Dosage

The lifespan of bearings is largely determined by how they are lubricated. We can measure how often and the amount of lubricant necessary to propose an optimal solution.


Just in Time Deliveries

We can plan and warehouse products for you on the basis of analysing your operations. 

Monitoring your Orders

If we don’t have the goods you need in stock, you can check the state of your order with any of our representatives in our customer service centre.


How to Purchase


K2 Industry Store

A wide range of products can be found in our factory store: Vrchovina 88, 50901 Nová Paka.
Opening hours:
Monday – Friday, 7:00 – 16:00

Online Ordering System

The catalogue and order system are for our partners and it includes all NKE bearings products.

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